Google Assistant gets more personalized through a new ‘Picks for You’ feature

In addition to Google’s plan to bring a more powerful, next-generation Google Assistant to Pixel phones, the company also introduced new personalization features for its digital assistant. The update will take into account user preferences to help when choosing what to listen to, what to do on the weekend, or even what to eat. For example, the Google Assistant will be able to respond to a question like “What should I cook for dinner?” with selection of recipes tailored just for you.

Other people would get different results, based on their own preferences.

The feature will also leverage Google’s new plans to index podcasts, by making personalized suggestions of what to listen to.

The system, called “Picks for You” will launch on smart displays later this summer, beginning with recipes, podcasts, and events, said Google.

Beyond its understanding of your interests, Google Assistant will know which people are important to you, as well.

For instance, you could ask “How’s the traffic to mom’s house?” and Google Assistant would know where that is, and respond accordingly.

For this to work, you’ll have to share information with the system first — similar to how you today share locations with Google’s service like, “Home” or “Work,” for instance. This could include locations or important events — like mom’s birthday.

Once updated with the information you want Google Assistant to know, you could ask it to remind you to order flowers or get a card for mom’s birthday.

Other examples could include asking the Assistant for photos of your son, or directions to your dinner reservation tonight.

Users will be in control of what Google Assistant knows, as they’ll be able to edit or delete this sort of information in an updated tab in the Assistant settings, Google said.

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