OnePlus’ new $99 earbuds promise long battery, better sound

OnePlus’ original Bullets weren’t the sexiest of earbuds, but they were a solid, workhorse offering for those who prefer a yolked design to fully wireless. And like the rest of OnePlus’ offerings, the price was right.

Announced today alongside the 7 Pro, the Bullets Wireless 2 aren’t a radical departure from their predecessor, but do a good job of building atop a solid foundation. The $99 buds feature improved sound with an architectural that was apparently inspired by nautilus spiral sea shells.

What that means is good sound for a pair of bluetooth earbuds and a pretty comfortable fit, courtesy of an an elongated angular design. I’ve been waiting them a bit and am pretty happy with the fit. The over the neck design is more of a personal presence. They’re bulkier than fully wires buds, but it’s handy to be able to pull them out and let them rest over your shoulders when not in use. The yolk is a soft silicone, while the metal buds snap together magnetically to close the loop.

That added real estate also helps on the battery front, without the need for a charging case. All told, they should get you around 14 hours of playback when fully charged. If you’re in a pinch, you can squeeze an impressive 10 hours of playback out of a 10 minute charge using USB C.

All in all, not a bad deal for $99.

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