Google integrates food delivery services into Search, Maps and Assistant

Google today announced that it is launching the ability to order food delivery directly from Google Search, Maps and the Assistant. Google itself isn’t getting into the delivery game, though. Instead, it is partnering with companies like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice and ChowNow. Support for Zuppler and others is ‘coming soon.’ The ordering experience, though, is deeply integrated into Google’s tools and you can pay with Google Pay.

For restaurants that participate, you’ll soon see and ‘Order Online’ button in Search and Maps when you search for a specific restaurant or cuisine.

While Seach and Maps are probably the way most people will use this feature, Google is also building this feature into the Assistant. Here, you’ll be able to say: “Hey Google, order food from [name of your favorite take-out restaurant].” This is supported on Android and iOS. You can even re-order your regular go-to-meal using nothing but your voice. Since it would be somewhat impractical to have the Assistant read you the menu, the initial command really only kicks off a tap-driven experience that has you select menu items and confirm the order. To reorder, you won’t have to do that, though.


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