Ulo is an adorable security camera that interacts with you while keeping watch over your home

Tired of home security cameras that add nothing to your home (besides, well, surveillance)? The Ulo, created by Luxembourg-based Mu Design, adds a touch of whimsy. The owl-shaped surveillance camera has two big interactive LCD eyes that follow your movements, and its two lenses—a HD camera and motion sensor camera—discreetly hidden in its beak, made of one-way mirrored glass, that capture high-resolution images. .

Mu Design founder Vivien Muller, who is currently showing off Ulo at Computex in Taipei, said he wanted to create a security camera that feels like a pet and makes its owners happy. The Ulo, with its huge, expressive eyes, is certainly adorable. Ulo runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 series processor and is made with an internal microphone, WifFi and Bluetooth models and an orientation sensor. It can use rechargeable NiMH batteries or be charged with a standard micro USB charger. Ulo also boosts 8GB eMMC and a microSD card clot.

Ulo is controlled by iOS or Android apps. Like other cameras, it can send images to your email when movement is detected, send data to secure devices if requested and stores a few minutes of video locally.

The camera is currently out of stock, but available for pre-order and costs 199 euros, or about $220.

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